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Human Traditions
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Monsters appearing in Gilgamesh

Ancient mask, interpretation of Humbaba


He is a fearsome demon who guards the Cedar Forest, forbidden to mortals. Gilgamesh wishes to enter the Cedar forest to gather wood to make his kingdom more magnificent. Humbaba is the perfect example of menace and awesome natural power. He roars like a flood, breaths death and his mouth is fire. In order for Gilgamesh to enter the forest and obtain what he seeks he must defeat this gruesome monster.

Scorpian Man:

Human upper half, with scorpian lower half, these monesters are common in Mesopotamian myth. In Gilgamesh, the Scorpion Man guards the mountain that Shamash, the sun god, travels through every night. Gilgamesh wishes to travel through the mountains and must pass the Scorpion Man and his wife in order to do so.


Both monsters in this story serve as guardians. Gilgamesh must get by each in order to obtain what he wants. These monsters are dangerous, and prove to be threatening obstacles for Gilgamesh to overcome in order to continue on his journeys.